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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of the nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th, 2001. really it never stops being emotional. this is all happening at the world trade center memorial. ceremonies marking this day are being held across the country. they are being held all morning long and we will go back live to new york in just a couple of minutes. good morning i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. we're also talking about our weather. our hot weather for a lot of people. steve paulson has the forecast. >> still hot inland. maybe not the 108's or 109's. >> can we tell if x104 or 103? >> yes. it's hot. coast though cooling off. fog horn sounding in the city. a little built of a breeze. delta breeze. strongest we have seen since monday. 60s and 70s coast, bay. 80s and 90s to near 100 degrees. but it will be cooler over the weekend. higher clouds from remains of hurricane linda beginning to move up from central and southern california it will be here tonight.
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50s to 70s on your temps. for inland areas they need to get to 20-25 and then we can celebrate a cooler pattern. not there yet. some of the higher clouds offshore. the fog is there it's just not making a move but the higher clouds are. so fog on the coast, hot inland. high clouds for some. it will be a little cooler around the bay with 80s. but still 60s and 70s to near 100 degrees. sal what do you have for us? that cleared. we had a crash in san francisco that was cleared away rather quickly. things are okay on this friday. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. we're looking at the commute as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that traffic is backed up. the metering lights are on. on interstate 880 if you are driving southbound, it is going to be okay. it's a nice straight shot and no problems heading down to hayward or fremont if you are going the entire way it's not a bad commute at all. and this morning in contra costa county you can see the
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red on highway 4 westbound highway 4 traffic is going to be slow. stop and go through that construction zone. it's slowing down over the hill. 680 looks good from the benicia bridge to the walnut creek interchange. let's two back to the desk. right now people at the september 11th memorial at ground zero in new york are marking the moment the second plane struck the south tower of the world trade center 14 years ago. actually there will be a moment of silence in just about a minute from now. and then there will be a moment of ringing after that moment of silence was observed. hijackers took over and crash into that south tower at 6:03 in the morning our time.
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17 minutes earlier the american airlines flight 11 had struck the top of the north tower. again you're taking a live look at new york city this morning. this is ground zero. they are reading the names of the 3,000 names killed. it has been a time of reflection and hope this week at ground zero. tens of thousands of people have filed through the national september 11th memorial and museum in new york city. they are mourning the nearly 3,000 innocent lives lost 14 years ago but they say at the same time today they are also inspired by the resilience of the city and this entire country. >> it's a tribute to looking forward to the hope of the future and to all good things. but it's really a fist bump about we're back. >> construction also continues 14 years later at ground zero. three world trade center is a
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skyscraper currently being built and expected to open in 2018. it will stand more than 80 stories tall and offer nearly 3 million square feet of office space. we'll show you this view that new yorkers were treated to to yesterday. ben sterner took this photo. the rainbow appears to be emerging and you can see there, it appears to be emerging from the world trade center. now this photo and other similar photos spread across social media and elicit many emotional responses. president obama also took part in a somber ceremony at the white house south lawn to commemorate the 9/11 attacks. the president and the first lady bowed their heads to a moment of silence. this is at 5:46 our time. that is again when that hijacked plane struck one of the world trade center towers. members of the white house staff were also at that ceremony. let's take you live now. this is the pentagon.
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that flag was unfurled over the side at sunrise this morning. 184 people were killed there when the hijacked american airlines flight 77 crashed into that building. that happened at 6:37 our time. a private memorial ceremony is being held there today. our time is 6:05. there are also tributes today for the passengers of hijacked united flight 93. it crashed into a field in pennsylvania. the flight was on its way to san francisco. there are several bay area events today paying tribute to the victims. at 10:00 a.m. this morning, a ceremony will be held at the flight 93 memorial in union city. that memorial that was dedicated in 2007 was at sugar mill landing park. it features 40 large stones for each of the 40 people on that plane. and in shanksville,
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pennsylvania a visitors center is open just in time for the 9/11 observances. family members and friends of the flight 93 victims were at a ceremony yesterday. the center has pictures of the 40 people who were on that plane and tells a story of how a group of passengers attacked the hijackers and forced the plane to go down in a grassy field instead of letting the hijackers crash that plane into their intended target washington, d.c.. >> people can come and learn about the individuals and their collective actions and learn about the history of the day. there is a sense of satisfaction knowing that their story will be preserved here. >> hundreds of people gathered last night at the memorial for a lantern ceremony in a silent procession as you see there. they left candle lanterns at the wall of names. san francisco firefighters will be paying tribute to the first responders who lost their lives at the world trade center. mayor ed lee is going to join
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fire chief joann hayes white at fire station 7. that is in the mission. there will be a ceremony that starts in about 40 minutes from now add 6:45 when -- at 6:45. firefighters will also read the names of the 343 new york city firefighters that were killed on that day 14 years ago. when that ceremony happens we'll take you there live. one of the ways people are choosing to pay tribute to those that died on september 11th is by participating in a day of service. in the south bay hundreds of people are planning to do just that. janine de la vega is joining us live from san jose where firefighters at station one just held that service. >> reporter: they did. that happened 15 minutes ago. firefighters came out and they held a service and a moment of silence. they rang this memorial bell here to remember the firefighters who paid the ultimate price by doing their job and a public service. that is what is behind the push
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today to get people to pay tribute by giving back. >> doing something great makes me feel good as well. it makes me realize i have the power to change things and there is really nothing stopping me. >> reporter: this video was put together by in 2009 the federal government designated 9/11 as a day of service and remembrance. since then 40 million people have participated in volunteering. they remember the people that volunteered help search for the victim on september 11th and they want to keep that spirit of compassion alive. there is a variety of ways you can get started. one way is to give blood. the red cross is encouraging people to do that as a good deed. and in san jose eight different nonprofits are miles an hour this day of service and -- are participating in this day of
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service. they will be joined by local leaders later this morning. they will be holding a rally encouraging people to go attache do a good steeded and volunteer. claudine. >> we saw some of that service live when it was happening down in san jose and it was very emotion that. we saw some people getting emotional. is there anything happening during the day as well? because certainly these remembrances are happening throughout the morning. >> reporter: yeah. i did ask them about that. and they said they are actually going to be flying a flag. you can see what it looks like. the banners. and it talks about remembering 9/11 and their fallen brothers from new york city and those are going to be onen each of the engine's today. they will be displaying that. so if you go -- if you are in san jose and you happen to see them, take a look out there for them. and also don't forget to thank a firefighter. we always remember that out pouring of love and support
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that on those days after 9/11 and even over that past year and so it's just something that also makes them feel good and appreciated. >> you know what, i'm glad you said that. i do remember that so profoundly in those days after 9/11 and how many people walked up and just said thank you. certainly if we see is that today, that will be tremendous. thank all first responders. thank you. >> reporter: yeah. >> all right. and we are going to have coverage of the anniversary of the 9/11 throughout mornings on 2. including more on the local ceremonies happening this morning. time is 6:10. a daly city man was arrested in san francisco after a bizarre stand off in the water near at & t park. it started at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the chp tried to stop a man that was riding on the shoulder of highway 280. investigators say the motorcyclist hit a car and then he ran away from the scene and
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jumped into the water at fourth and berry streets. a police jet ski and a small boat chased after him as he swam in the water until he eventually climbed up on to a pier. a police crisis negotiator talked to the man. finally he surrendered around 7:00 p.m.. >> as it was getting dark, it was very important to us that we were able to work with him and get him to surrender peacefully because you don't want rescue swimmers in the water after dark. you don't want your boat down there after dark. it's dangerous for the suspect, it's dangerous for the fire department. >> 20-year-old noah was taken to the hospital for medical evaluation. he is facing charges of evading a police officer, resisting arrest, and hit and run. a man that led sheriffs deputies on a wild police chase and ran into a restaurant while
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holding a gun is dead this morning. the suspect stole the car and jumped out of the car firing shots and then ran into the restaurant. the gunmen for -- a man accused of plotting to bomb a 9/11 memorial. coming up at 6:30 we'll tell you about the event he was targeting and how the fbi was able to arrest him. >> plus trouble for the tiburon ferry. we'll tell you about the financial problems that the ferry service is facing and why it may have to scale back service. we'll also tell you about the take over that could be coming here. >> good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute and right now we're seeing 680 looking good passing the mission boulevard exit heading south. >> is the weather looking good? well for some, not for all. we have changes on the way. we'll see if that means no more 100s for those inland temps.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. hundreds of firefighters battling a big wild fire near sacramento. it's threatening 1500 homes. it's called the bute fire. it tripled in size to almost 15,000 acres. at least six homes have been destroyed. people have been evacwatt -- evacuated. this fire son-in-law 10%
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contained. high winds and fire conditions are making it tough to put out those flames. federal money has been authorized by fema to fight the butte fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we've got to talk about the changes that could soon be coming to ferry service. the tiburon ferry has service financial problems and there may be a takeover. alex savidge is is joining us live now with how commuters can be effected and you know depending on what happens they will be effected. >> reporter: they will be. a lot of the commuters we talked to they are concerned about the possibility of service being scaled back. so right now the tiburon ferry makes 7 round trips a day. it leaves from the dock here in downtown tiburon and heads over to san francisco. seven times a day. but potentially they may have to cut back to one round trip a day. that is unless the golden gate bridge district comes in and decides to take over here. according to a report in the
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san francisco chronicle, the blue and gold fleet which operates the tiburon ferry is facing rising operating costs and has an aging vessel. they used just one vessel nicknamed the zalinski and it needs to be replaced. and later on today, the golden gate bridge district board will be deciding whether to move forward with a potential take over of the tiburon ferry. regular passengers are hoping a deal gets worked out that can prevent any service cut backs. >> i'm certainly sympathetic to that situation. i do hope that things can be worked out though because the ferry has been very valuable for me and i know a lot of other folks. i hope they are able to find a way to continue it. >> reporter: the golden gate ferries they make runs between marin county and san francisco. right now there are only stops
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in usa lee toe and larkspur. the board of directors will meet later on today and see if they want to move forward in this process. they obviously have to study the cost of a take over. the availability of boats and also labor issues will play into things as well. this privately operated ferry, the tiburon ferry that many use to get into san francisco today could change hands. but obviously commuters are hoping they don't scale back the number of trip that's ferry makes every day. >> i would imagine if it's okay that someone else runs it but don't take away from it. >> i think people are okay if it changes hands certainly but they want to make sure that they can still catch that ferry when they need it. >> keep those boats running. time 16:18. you're watching highway 24 and everything else. >> that is right. we're having a little bit better of a commute this morning on 24, on 4 and 680
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nearby. but it's still slow. it's nothing like it would be on a sunday. but it's better than it was yesterday at this time any way as you head on to highway 24. also looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, that is filled up. it's about a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the span with no major problems. we're also looking at san francisco. the traffic looks good there. 880 southbound getting a little bit of slow traffic. 6:19 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we do have some fog on the coast. inland temps though still looking at 90s and 100s. tropical clouds on the move. we've had dry air for awhile. went up a little bit yesterday. beautiful sunrise here. it will give us a cloudy to mostly cloudy friday night into saturday. before i get to the weather, instead of fog and heat, martin
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took this photo on a fog free wednesday at 9:00 p.m. at natural bridges state beach. it is an award winner. beautiful shot. something other than heat related. i'm a little loopy from the heat. 104 in gilroy. that was a record. 103 the old mark in 1976. fog is fair but not making much of a push. 50s to 70s. 55 half-moon bay to 70. west, southwest 16. we'll see if that continues to ramp up past 20 then you can count the minutes until the cooling kicks in. if it drops below 10 then we'll have another hot day. they will be here on saturday. temperatures will start to come down. especially on sunday. 60s and 70s and 80s around the bay. and 90s and 100s. it will be gradually cooler as we go into the weekend.
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cloudy and mostly cloudy. monday and tuesday areas that are now 104-105 will be in the 70s. >> maybe some rain next thursday north of sonoma. >> really? >> you just have to survive the next couple of days. 11 candidates are now getting ready for next week's presidential debate. coming up in 20 minutes could mean other republicans are getting ready to target donald trump. new bills regulating california medical marijuana industry. the compromised reached late last night by state lawmakers.
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welcome back everyone. this song was requested by one of our viewers hillary mccay who told us she needed a shot of energy before she hit the road this morning. panama by van hey learn. >> it's fun to watch you dance in that box. >> i can play the guitar in this little box all day long. if there is a special song you
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want to hear, let us know. time now 16:24. at the state capitol california lawmakers have until midnight tonight to pass or reject remaining legislation before this current session comes to an end. the senate does need to vote on it today. there is also a major package on climate change with bills expected to pass today. but that is only going to happen after this 50% reduction in gasoline was used >> this is a titanic struggle that will go on for years and decades but in the end, science, the religious
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leadership of the world, ordinary people will triumph. >> the governor vetoed one bill that made it to his desk. it would have banned low flying drones over private property to protect privacy. governor brown said he thinks the issue of drones does merit careful consideration but he felt that this bill could have had unintended legal consequences. time is 6:26. late last night state lawmakers reached a compromise on three bills to regulate medical marijuana. it would set up a bureau of medical marijuana regulation to over see every aspect of the industry. from pot farms and medical clinics to retail distribution. both the state senate and the assembly plan to vote on it before the legislature adjourns for the year later today. another effort to make san francisco streets safer. the campaign that appears to be paying off at four dangerous san francisco intersections.
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>> good morning. we are looking at the commute morning. you are going to hit the road, you know the traffic is still doing okay on westbound 237 as you drive past 880. steve. >> it's about as hot as panama lately. we do have cooler weather on the way but the higher clouds are on the way.
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these are live pictures of new york city. right now the names of the people who died in the
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september 11th attacks 14 years ago. they are being read aloud right there at ground zero in new york city. family members and friends are reading those names. ceremonies are taking place all over the country. we'll be taking you there and going to them live throughout the mornings right here on mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. it is friday, september 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. your time is 6:30. time to get a check of your weather and traffic. steve paulson here. >> claudine wong. >> steve paulson. [ laughter ] i'm getting very formal because i'm going to formally request you cool it down. >> for you, i would move mountains. >> move them. >> just not this week. we have higher clouds. soming to is there. some of the fog is coming back. the fog horns in the city more so than yesterday. higher tropical clouds will play into a higher humidity.
6:31 am
as if we need that. it is a sign of a cooler pattern. the lows there will be very warm. inland temps will be in the 90s and 100s. you 50s for some. it's cool. we are keeping an eye on the delta breeze. it's trying but so far needed over 20. you can seat higher clouds offshore. we could get a possibility of mostly cloudies. i think if there would be any shower activity it would be very scattered and light. fog on the coast. hot inland but an increase in those higher clouds. 60s to 100s. next week though sal, it will be 70s for these areas. >> i love that. give me a nice 68 degrees. >> with a breeze. >> and 64 in the shade and we're all good my friend. [ laughter ]
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right? >> yes, right. commute is a little bit better today. let's take a look at bay bridge toll plaza and traffic will be backed up as you drive through. i just realized they didn't put a line up in this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic is going to be in. san mateo bridge it's slowing down at the toll plaza. i don't see any crashes reported on this span and nearby on 880 south you will see the traffic is going to be slow. 6:32, let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. it is an emotional day this september 11th. for a lot of people remembering the terror attacks it's been 14 years. it changed our country forever. >> changed all of us. across the bay area people are paying tribute to the thousands
6:33 am
who died. brian flores is joining us from san francisco where firefighters are remembering this day. brian. >> reporter: yeah. you know it's really hard to believe that it has been 14 years. we've been talking about in the newsroom how remembering where we were that day. what we were doing. some of us working in news during that time. but we're live in front of station 7 here in san francisco. 19th and folsom. wherever your firefighters paid tribute to those who died imparticular the new york city firefighters who gave their lives helping to rescue victims. this ceremony expected to take place roughly about 15-20 minutes from now. but i want to go to video of the event that happened last near. this happens every year. what will be happening around 6:45 they will be rolling the fire trucks out. you heard the bell there. that signifies the clops of the south tower. and then the names of the each firefighters that died that day
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will be read aloud. this memorial has 40 stones of the passenger and crew on that flight that crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. and then in the south bay firefighters are also remembering those who gave their lives in the line of duty. they just held a moment of silence minutes ago at the exact moment that the first plane hit the first tower. volunteers are also meeting at san jose city hall at 8:00 this morning for a national day of service to commemorate 9/11. there is also a ceremony taking place in san mateo for police and firefighters up there as well. as we take you back out here live, this ceremony is taking place minutes from now. one of the more some is we are ceremonies taking police. fire officials gathering with each other this morning. perhaps talking about that fateful day. but we will bring you live pictures coming up roughly around 15 minutes from now.
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we will hope to hear from several of those officials. guys back to you. all right brian flores, thank you. we'll talk to you later. meantime a 9/11 memorial in hayward is almost finished. this one features five granite models. each is ten feet tall. they weigh 19 tons. they'll have the names of the september 11th victims on one side. on the other they'll have the names of the city's fallen military service members and hayward police sergeant scott lunger who was killed in the line of duty in july. this memorial is is expected to be finished in november. coming up in just about two minutes we'll go live to the pentagon for you. there is a ceremony there this morning marking the very moment a plane hit that building 14 years ago. florida man is under arrest on charges he was plotting to bomb a 9/11 memorial. 20-year-old joshua ryan gold is accused of targeting this
6:36 am
weekend's 9/11 memorial stair climb in kansas city, missouri. in july he began commute dating online with an under cover informant. he gave the informant information on how to build a bomb. >> certainly terrorist attack is painful enough, but on a 9/11 memorial, it would only hurt us that much more. >> if convict, he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. organizers say they are shocked by the allegations but are insisting the event is going to go on as planned. >> time is 6:36. oakland police were released to the public. one of the cases involves nate wilks. armed robbery suspect shot and killed by police last month. the second case involves a pursuit of 23-year-old richard lineyard who died after getting
6:37 am
wedged between two buildings. video of these cases were already shown to the members of the media including us here at ktvu. we're trying to contact the police department now to confirm when that video release will take place. a pedestrian safety campaign in san francisco seems to be paying off at some dangerous crosswalks. the chronicle reports muni studied the city's four most dangerous intersections. they combine an ad campaign at bus shelters and billboards with police enforcement. after more than even months of studying things, they found the number of drivers at those intersections that yielded to pedestrians increased by 3%. a city program is aimed at ending all traffic deaths by the year 2024. we now return to our continuing 9/11 anniversary coverage. i want to take you live to the pentagon where a ceremony is under way. this is in arlington county, virginia.
6:38 am
as they are speaking there today. just a few minutes ago the crowd observed a moment of silence there. that was when 184 people were killed at the pentagon. american airlines flight 77 has crashed into the pentagon. 9:37 eastern time. of course that was 6:37 our time just about a minute ago. this memorial ceremony is going to include a wreath laying by defense secretary ash carter. now let's take you to new york city. here are the mourners in new york. they also held a moment of silence. what you are watching right now is this reading of the names they do this every year in observance. they read the names of every person killed. one mother who lost a daughter says it's just like yesterday. she feels the loss every single day. and the sheer number of those
6:39 am
names being read every year it just strikes me, breaks my heart for all the people. >> the emotion doesn't go away. >> it does not. time is 6:38. still ahead you may see a lot of emergency situations around the bay area today but it's only a drill. coming up in 20 minutes, the major training exercise happening today involving several law enforcement agencies. >> after just one day of the new nfl season, there is already a controversy brewing. it's called radio-gate. the head set malfunction the pittsburgh steeler are angry about. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here that does look okay if you head over to marin. we'll tell you a little bit more about it coming up. >> some fog but also higher clouds on the way. it will still be hot inland. maybe not as hot as yesterday and a change for the weekend.
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we now know the lineup for the presidential debate. that event will happen next wednesday and it will have not ten, but 11 candidates. and that is because former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina will be on the main stage. donald trump is still leading the polls but lately his fellow republican candidates seems more willing to go after them. louisiana governor bobby jindal called trump a quote carnival
6:43 am
act. >> my question is, is this a begin of of a dog pile? >> in the democratic race vice president joe biden got emotional when he started talking about his son beau on the late show. officials at san francisco's jail taking new steps to house transgender inmates based on their gender identity. sheriff ross mirkarimi says starting next month his department will start training for his mission. transgender inmates are housed in their own unit for their protection. santa clara county leaders want swift action now to improve the jail system there after three deputies were charged with murdering a mentally inmate. leaders are recommending forming a blue ribbon task force to investigate inmate
6:44 am
care. they want to establish an anonymous hotline and upgrade surveillance cameras. and they are getting help from the justice department to help their mentally ill jail population which is almost half of the inmates. >> we respond to complaints all of the time and unfortunately it is. it is a huge tragedy. i'm sorry it happened. i'm very, very sorry to the family. to the decedent in this. we are always reviewing our conditions. >> i think it's a good next step in what we're trying to do. i wish this tragedy hadn't happened and forced us to be more expedient. >> the santa clara county board of supervisors will talk about the recommendations at its meeting next tuesday. the city of sacramento will hold a hometown heros parade for the three men who helped prevent a terrorist attack on a train in trans.
6:45 am
anthony sadler, -- they are all from sacramento. and after the parade, a rally will be held at the state capitol. the rally will pay tribute to the victims of the september 11th attack. let's get you out the door. sal, you are watching the bridges as well as the roads. >> the bridges are not too bad. we're looking at starting off with highway 4 this time though we will look at highway 4 because it's already getting slow coming over to the hilt of bay point and concord. from bit burg you can see traffic is slow. it will be stop and go in antioch as normal. we're look agent the bay bridge toll plaza. about a 20 minute delay. it is slightly i just want to say slightly better than it was yesterday and the day before. but certainly not a great commute here. as you look at 880 think is also slow but -- this is also
6:46 am
slow but not as slow. san mateo bridge is moderate. no problems reported for the dumbarton bridge heading over to highway 101 which is also moderate. 6:45 let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, thank you, sal. what is this? this would be fog. maybe by saturday and -- a lot of comments coming in from the marina fog horn sounding all night. leading edge of a change has begun. the fog was crazy yesterday. my friend janell marie texted me and said i could feel a breeze. thank goodness. and then she texted me again and said the breeze stopped. i'm not happy about that. [ laughter ] but thank you. a lot of people felt the same. this is from one of my favorites on twitter. the real we built this city. the fog is back with avengeance. for some, yes. the city is getting more of a fog bank and a couple people
6:47 am
said it feels cooler. higher clouds on the move along with the lower clouds. 90s to near 100s inland. 60s and 70s coast and bay. the higher clouds associated with what was once hurricane linda falling apart. but still inland temps 60s and 70s. around the coast 50s. there is a big difference. most locations are running a couple degrees cooler. west, southwest 16. we get that up to 20-25 then we know the cooling is under way. low clouds are on the way and they are starting to move in. they will give us a cloudy to mostly cloudy night into saturday. humidity will go up. the lows will go up but the temperatures will start to go down. 90s and 100s through the interior. 60s and 70s and 80s on the temps. clouds, mostly cloudy. humid. could be a few isolated showers and dry lightning. that we don't want. by sunday morning most of it will clear out.
6:48 am
cooler on monday. >> so i'm laughing because i'm looking at my facebook feed. we talked about the car telling you how hot it is. she lives in the east bay. it's 3:09 and her car says 136. she said leave it to me to have a car that over exaggerates. >> but it was a dry heat. >> yes. in san francisco the fire department is marking and commemorating the heros that died on september 11th, 2001. san francisco mayor ed lee is taking part in a ceremony at fire station 7 in the mission district. these are live pictures. you can see the firefighters all lined up in order here. the firefighters will be reading the names of all 343 new york city fire department employees who died at the world trade center in new york 14
6:49 am
years ago. this is obviously a special day for these san francisco firefighters as well. at 6:49 the department will ring a bell in the kay dense of a last alarm. the traditional signal of a fallen firefighter. 6:49 pacific time is a moment the south tower of the world trade center collapsed. now the station's flag will then be lowered to half staff. there will be a minute of silence observed. this ceremony is being conducted at all 44 of san francisco's fire stations. and we had this live this morning. you were probably watching with us earlier this morning a bell ringing ceremony at san jose fire station one honored the first responders killed on 9/11. took place at the exact moment that the plane hit that first tower 14 years ago. this particular station
6:50 am
displays a piece of debris from the world trade center as well. your time now is 6:49. no more hate. that is the message for many people in san francisco. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you about the new calls for change after racist messages were sprayed in one neighborhood and the hearing today for the man accused of writing them. >> lights. just lights. and i knew. i knew right then in the pit of my stomach it was him. >> it was a mother's worst nightmare that came true after his son was thrown off his bike. how three officers went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure he recovers.
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look at that beautiful picture. this song requested by boris the spider. [ laughter ] you spin me around. boris is now sending us requests. this is a song by dead or alive. it takes you back to 1980 something. you're right it's just a special song you want to hear, let us know. i will play your requests every friday morning. just use #ktvu. go now to twitter, facebook, or instagram. >> thanks, sal. the nfl season is under way with the defending champion new
6:54 am
england patriots starletting right where they -- starting right where they left off. quarterback tom brady led the patriots out of the tunnel a week after his four game deflate gate suspension was overturned by a federal judge. brady threw for several touchdowns including three. the patriots won 28-21. talk to have deflate gate turned to talk of radio gate. the steelers coaches not happy. they were upset their head sets picked up the patriots radio broadcast for the majority of the first half. head coach mike tomlin said head set issues occurred repeatedly they when they play the patriots. the nfl says both team's communication equipment is provided by the league. the problems were temporary caused by poor weather. the nfl season continues with a full slate of games on sunday. the raiders host the cincinnati
6:55 am
bengals. the niners host the vikings at 7:20. and while the nfl season began in massachusetts last night, it's going to end in the bay area with super bowl 50. bay area band train and elle lee golding performed a free concert for a large crowd at justin herman plaza. the super bowl is expected to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the bay area economy. time is 6:55. dream force the world's biggest software conference starts next week in san francisco. it's next tuesday through friday at the moscone center. more than 150,000 people are expected to attend and more than 10 million people are expected to join online. but the conference is about a lot more than just technology. every day will be dedicated to a cause.
6:56 am
there will also be a benefit concert. what is being called the uber of health care. you can now order a visit from the doctor by just using your phone. >> yep we're talking about apps that let you ask for a house call. they're becoming really popular around the country now. here in the bay area people are using a service called heal. you can see a doctor within an hour. the cost it ranges from about $99 to $200 per visit. a san leandro mother says she is grateful for police officers that went above and beyond the call of duty after her son was hit by a car. he was injured tuesday morning while he was walking his bike in a crosswalk. the san leandro police officers who were there that wayday bought him new clothes after
6:57 am
what they had to cut off of him. >> i was so overwhelmed by all the horrible things going on and now i'm overwhelmed by all the good things that are going on. >> the driver who hit him did stop and is cooperating with the investigation. one of the irish students injured in the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley will be talking about that tragic incident today. nile murray has been getting treatment since that balcony collapsed in june. they are working with clinicians in iran land to safety transport him back home. six people were killed when that balcony collapsed in june. an investigation by the city of berkeley found the balcony had a lot of dry rot. it has been 14 years since the september 11th attacks and this morning we will continue to bring you the emotional
6:58 am
ceremonies from across the country from new york to right here in the bay area as americans come together to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11.
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ the somber ceremony in new york city and all across the country today. this as we remember the lives lost on the 14th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. ♪ it's 7:00. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." we're showing you what's happening in san francisco as firefighters are showing tribute to the september 11th victims and first responders. our brian flores is live at the fire station in san francisco. we'll bring him back in for more on the ceremony that's taking place right now. good morning, again. it's friday, september


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